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Grilled prawns from Huelva(1 docena) 32,00€  
Ham with corr, tomato and arbequina olive oil 29,00€  
Foie gras with cardamon and bread brittle nut and crystallized strawberries 22,00€

Loin and Cured slices of Iberian pork

Salted anchovies from the cantabrian sea 28,00€  
Gilda of marinated and salted anchovies and orange-campari shot 09,00€  
Marinated tuna on tomatoes crumbs and herbs gazpacho.½ Portion 12,00€  
Lobster and vegetables  with coral mayonnaise and pumpking and almond (half a portion) 26,00€ Watch dish
The following dishes are served in half portions

Grilled oysters on beetroot cream and citrus air 

15,00€ Watch dish 

Grilled prawns with fennel mousse and grapefruit air

Creamy rice venere,mushrooms,breast at low temperature and corn in textures 16,00€
Tomatoes in textures on salted anchovies mousse and black olives. 13,00€
Charcoal-grilled razor clam,candied leek,butter air and almond pil-pil 14,00€

Charcoal-grilled octopus on rock fish socarrat and mistura alioli


Grilled hake´s kokotxas,amanitas sauteed and potato-arbequina mousse


Watch dish

Musrooms,egg at low temperature and foie royal


Watch dish

Roasted scallop with pig´s trotters and spider crab stew and american sauce


Watch dish

Roasted bay prawn tail on pork dewlap and white beans cream

18,00€ Watch dish

Squid noodles with punpkin alioli

15,00€ Watch dish
Salt cod sample  Pil pil, and Biscayan Style   26,00€  
Hake at low temperature with pil pil sauce and sea urchins emulsion
26,00€ Watch dish

Tun belly with wakame and sesame sauteed and soya aroma

31,00€ Watch dish

Fish of the day on stew of beans and smaill squids and pesto of its ink. 

Turbot with endibes in orange and emulsion of their juices 31,00€  

Boned suckling pig with carrot and orange purée and soya sauce

26,00€ Watch dish
Charcoal-grilled iberian pork on pumpkin and almonds and green peppers gele 28,00€  

Charcoal-grilled beef chop with candied piquillo peppers and mashed potato


Pigeon in two cookings , rare breast and candied thigh

35,00€ Watch dish 

Charcoal -grilled sirloin steak and vegetables with hazelnut pesto ,red peppers ketchup        




10 % V.A.T. Included



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